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About Our Team

The Eureka, California, Law Offices of Delman W. Smith has devoted more than 40 years to providing invaluable legal support and representation to Californians and their children caught in the midst of family conflict.
Our firm’s commitment is to work tirelessly to protect the rights and best interests of our clients and their children. Whether through settlement negotiation, mediation or litigation, we seek the most cost-effective path to real solutions in family law disputes.

Delman W. Smith



Born and raised in San Francisco, Delman was a National Merit Scholar and graduated from University of California in Santa Barbara in 1967. After serving four years as a U.S. Marine Officer; he attended the Santa Clara University Law School on the G.I. Bill and scholarship and in 1974, he received his Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude.


 After graduation he moved to Santa Cruz and practiced Family Law in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties for 40 years before relocating to Humboldt County. 


Delman has spent his life being active. He enjoyed surfing, skiing, and playing and coaching rugby. He still maintains a strong interest in rugby, though he no longer coaches or plays the sport. 

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